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When you participate in a Business Mission Trip, not only will you help nurture and develop foreign business leaders like yourself, but you will also have the opportunity to experience the culture. Travelers will visit a wide variety of national monuments and historical sites, attend athletic events, enjoy fine dining, and experience local cultural events. Each Business Mission Trip is unique. The trip will utilize the cost savings of group travel, but will not consist of large group activities with participants on exactly the same agenda. The group will work together through a ten-stage preparation count down prior to departure from the USA. Team members will leave the USA confident, united, and ready to face the challenge ahead.
Here are the five activities that you can expect to experience on a normal business mission trip:
1. Business Mentoring It is a new concept for many people in foreign countries to think that Godliness and business can go together. The market place is not often viewed as a ministry opportunity. As a lecture speaker, you can mentor and disciple businessmen in small groups. The primary teaching is based on solid Christian biblical and ethical business principles. You will be enabling Christian business people to financially support their local churches, sponsor and donate to special projects, and support missionary work to other countries.
2. Business Visitations Teams may visit business owners and/or managers to share one-on-one about their successes and mistakes in business. This is a great source of encouragement for them to hear how others have overcome the challenges they face. Team members will see that the basics of business are the same in every country.
3. University Lectures The next generation of business people in every nation is in college right now.  Trip participants are encouraged to draw from their own background and lecture on a business topic to help prepare these future business leaders for the marketplace in their own developing nations.  Since English is the universal business language, we as English speakers already have a great platform from which to share.  This is an exciting and powerful arena in which you are invited to participate in.
4. Biblical Teachings Your team can be invited to share as guest speakers at the regular Sunday morning service or other mid-week church and or small group services.  When available this could include sharing at a local Bible College or Bible training center. This is the time where you are encouraged to teach on overtly Biblical principles that will motivate business people to see their importance in the Body of Christ and advance their knowledge of the Word of God as it pertains to their work place.

5. Cultural Experiences Teams may visit the national monuments and historical sites, watch an athletic event, enjoy fine dining, and experience a variety of cultural events. Team members may choose to stay in the homes of local sponsors, allowing them the opportunity to become more acquainted with local customs and culture. And for those that like to shop, rest assured that there is always market or peddler ready to help you find a unique treasure to take home!

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